We all live in a digital world and their rapid changes can be overwhelming. Service providers or TMC companies who want to grow fast and be a leading company often ask themselves how to scale up sales, align business processes and make the right choices. Digital transformation and related cloud technology have many pitfalls.

Often the big question of scale-ups is what to do; "make, buy or alley" in order to perform according to these new customer success standards in this digital world. You then probably need a Trusted Advisor.

My name is Jean-Paul Damen, scale up and business development specialist in digital transformation & cloud.

My specialism

  • Consultative selling in a digital or internet related world
  • Experienced in scale-up (in)direct sales and marketing management
  • Leading digital transformation, connecting people and engaging teams
  • Relation builder with customers at multi levels and disciplines
  • Deep understanding of various domains ((Google) Cloud, Telecom, IT, Mobile, SAAS, PAAS)
  • Making things simple and plain easy
Want to scale up too?

Assistance with digital transformation

Society is becoming less and less analog. Modern business processes are digital and connected through the internet.On top of this new legislation will change the way we handle data and protect privacy (GDPR 2018). IT for many companies has a lot of question marks when it comes to making right decisions.

Digital Transformation, at your service

I love to work for you as Scale-up Specialist or Director Business Development and book commercial results while guiding or implementing digital transformation.

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Jean-Paul Damen

Jean-Paul Damen