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donderdag 19 oktober 2017

Introduction to free scale-up lessons

Everything must grow or you will be eaten is what they once told me. An interesting and wise saying in which a lot is said about a lifecycle of not only people but also about products and profit as a machine what is called a growth company offering value to customers. I will look at it the from different angles to give you valuable insights. How to scale-up, it is not that simple, it’s a complex game.

For whom

Next coming period, in this news section you will find 10 free scale-up lessons I share with CEOs in advance of helping them with their growth mission. Meant for CEO's, Managing Directors or leaders who are scaling up or who want their company to grow fast and disruptive or who are at the beginning of their digital transformation.


These blogs for scale-up or growth companies will contain perspectives from all disciplines of business development.

  1. Strategy & Leadership
  2. Go-to-Market & Business Development
  3. Organization & Agility
  4. Thought Leadership
  5. Marketing & Tools
  6. Finance & Legal
  7. Information Technology
  8. Business Processes & Role-play
  9. War for Talent
  10. Knowledge Sharing, Training, and Support

Full text to come soon.
Happy reading.

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