GDPR based privacy policy

This GDPR based privacy policy is applicable for Corporate Affairs Startups and its employees or subcontractors working for Corporate Affairs Startups.

Each person owns their own personal data. These persons have the right to see, correct, remove, destroy the data the shared for the commercial and business purposes of Corporate Affairs Startups. Owners also have the right to withdraw permission to use their data as well as to drop their complaints at The Dutch Data Protection Authority (the Dutch DPA)

I want to withdraw permission use my data

Gathering information

Purpose of information gathering
No other purpose than attracting new potential customers by informing relations on bi-weekly or monthly basis with personalized and/or actual business and industry updates in order to become or stay their trusted party to do business transactions with (selling consulting services, see expertise on website). Data is gathered, analysed and used according to this GDPR based privacy policy.

Gathered personal details
Name, full business address, gender, email address and content, mobile and/or phone nr, IP address, shared notes and attachments, website visit details (time, page, track), social media contact details and comments, billing and banking details (if a paying business relation exists).

Data actions (move, add, change, delete) and sharing
Storing of data in business applications is necessary for the purpose mentioned. These applications are provided by contracted, trusted and certified SAAS providers. Consequences of automated process: data will be analyzed, edited, enriched, checked, controlled and only used for the purpose of Corporate Affairs Startups and can according the rights section be changed or taken out by its owners.

Digital processing of data is running on business applications and technology provided by contracted, trusted and certified SAAS providers. Personal and privacy related details are not passed through to others nor to 3rd countries.

GDPR privacy by design

Gathering is done in the Netherlands only with social marketing automation applications of contracted, trusted and certified SAAS providers who guarantee GDPR privacy by design. These gathering applications are connected with social media (Linkedin, Facebook, Twitter, Google+) or used as web-forms (contact-form, newsletter-form) on the Corporate Affairs Startups website (https:/

Security measurements
Access to privacy related details is limited to people working for Corporate Affairs Startups, who’s background is checked and who signed to agree with this GDPR based policy. Transferring, Logging, storing, sharing and analyzing of gathered information is protected by contracted, trusted and certified SAAS providers with following security standards.

  • ISO/IEC 27001:2013 certification for Applications, Systems, People, Technology, and Processes
  • SOC 2 Type II conform AICPA's Trust Services Principles

Want more data protection insights
Only after signing NDA agreements with Corporate Affairs Startups, information will be shared about taken measurements of Corporate Affairs Startups itself.

GDPR improvements and suggestions

Corporate Affairs Startups is open to any suggestions and willing to investigate improvements what so ever in order to better guarantee and protect privacy of its relations and clients.

GDPR related questions?