Business Development

Growing your business doesn't have to be a struggle.

Looking for extra revenue, consultative selling expertise, the creation of verticals, customer journeys or new key customers? Level the playing field and create greater alignment, confidence, and momentum in your company. Check the business development consulting services that could assist you in your day-to-day business activities.

  • Exploring opportunities, business strategy analyses
  • Lead generation, campaigning & social media marketing
  • Sales Management & Business Development, pipeline management
  • Improving indirect sales; partner acquisition & channel development
  • General Business Management, including sales administration & operations
  • Business Negotiations and Contracting, bid proposals & contracting

My business development services target the key areas that drive business growth including operations, finance, research and sales. Selling is an essential asset for any business and getting your sales and marketing strategy right is crucial to your success.

Business Development Consulting Service

My business development consulting services are focussed on critical business development issues and sales opportunities: strategy, sales, marketing, channel development, organization, operations, customer success, customer journeys, service management and reporting at TMC companies and/or (cloud) service providers.

I bring deep, functional expertise, customer understanding and a professional and hands-on practical way of working.

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